EASTREET Exhibition of street photography from Eastern Europe

We invite you to the opening of EASTREET exhibition of street photography from Eastern Europe, which will be held in the Tbilisi History Museum (Sioni Street 8), as a part of the Kolga Tbilisi Photo Festival. Opening of the exhibition will take place on 2nd May 2014, 18:00. Exhibition will be open until 14th May 2014.


The Eastreet exhibition is the first initiative of this kind and scale dealing with street photography from the countries of Eastern Europe. Within less than two months of the open call we received in the whole more than 4.000 – all of them are united by the same objective: to have a closer look at and to show an individual set in the context of Eastern Europe’s public spaces using that spontaneous, unique and non-posing approach for which we love street photography so much.


Eastreet is our proposal to look at the proverbial streets of Eastern Europe. We peep into the well-known public spaces of the region. Street photography is a special kind of reportage and document. It shows us passing moments, unique situations, a series of associations and references within one frame. It discovers something we are passing by each day paying no attention to it. A street photographer always finds in these familiar spaces something inspiring, something new and surprising. It turns out that these well-known places, our neighbourhoods, are often no less exotic than overseas countries.


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