Culture for the Eastern Partnership

Congress team would like to invite organizations, informal groups and individuals to participate in the International Seminar “Culture for the Eastern Partnership” which will be held in Lublin, 8-10 March 2013.

The Seminar aim is to get thogether people and organization involved already in the process of Eastern Partnership Culture Congres and the cultural cooperation network, as well as Programming Council of the Easten Partnership Culture Congress and discuss thematic ares, proposals for the II Congress wich will be held in Lublin in Autumn 2013 and for the festival of actual culture of the Eastern Partnership “Integrations of Cultures”

The Second Eastern Partnership Congress will take place 1 – 3 October 2013 in Lublin and the festival Integrations of Cultures will take place 29 September – 5 October 2013 also in Lublin, as integral part of the Congress.

The programme of the Seminar will consist of the working – group meetings of the:

  •    Programming Council of the Congress
  •    Connected by the border – core group of the cultural cooperation netwrok for the Eastern Partnership
  •    representatives of the european organizations, institutions, initiatives which are involved in cooperation with the EaP

and open meetings: orinet_aKcje: Belarus – presentation of the actual art, culture processes in Belarus organized by Y Gallery (music, debates, multimedia presentations, lectures, ect.) which opens a cycle of meetings dedicated to actual culture of the EaP countries in Lublin, open debate about the condition of culture in the EaP.

During the seminar all invited groups will work on the following issues:

  • programme and thematic areas of the Second Congress
  • proposals of art and culture projects from the EaP and the EU that could be presented during the festival Integrations of Cultures
  • proposals of organizations, institutions, moderators, panelists, special guests that should be invited for the Congress
  • presentation of goog practicies and
  • presentation of the “European Cultural Stadion 2013″

more information:

Organizer: Workshops of Culture in Lublin

Partners: Ministry of Culture and Cultura Heriatge of the Republic of Poland, National Centre for Culture, Trans Kultura Foundation and «Ў» Gallery